Barack Obama: An Afroamerican Dream

Barack Obama: An Afroamerican Dream

It’s worth to Dream, to Fight and to Hope!

„He was the smartest boy in the Muskogee County School-for colored children. Everybody even remotely connected with the school knew this. The teacher always pronounced his name with profound gusto as she pointed him out as the ideal student. Once I heard her say: ‚if he were white he might, some day, become President.‘ „(John Henrik Clarke in: The Boy Who Painted Christ Black)

John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998) died elf years too early to see his dreams becoming a reality.

-With Barack Obama, his Black Boy is becoming President „despite“ his Color.


The Senate of the United State Of America apologize for slavery and racial discrimination during the Jim Crow Era.

It will still be a long way until Black people make for theirselve a great place in this World, but a new Era is beginning they just must not fail this new opprtunity.

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