Africa: Role of Institutions in the fight for justice and against Corruption!

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I have been in South Africa for almost one years ago. I had never been in all the african countries, but I think that I can say that  South Africa is the must rich and developped country in Subsaharian Africa.

My first Impression was overwhelmingly. I was very proud to see that it’s possible to achieve such a progress in Africa, so i began to hope that South Africa can be a pattern for the other Countries in Subsaharian Africa. At the same time i was shocked and disappointed to see in wich precarious conditions many people in the so call „townships“ are living.

This perturbed me so much, that i didn’t stopped anymore asking myself why is that possible.

There are some many ways to define poverty but what i saw, was more than poverty, i can’t find any word to describe the conditions in which many people in this „Townships“ are living.

Although this matter is the same averall in Africa, South Africa is considered like a developped rich Country with the capabilities to feed his populations and offer them a better life. Why does the fortune the privilege of few people while many other are oblige to live like animals? Where does justice taking place in our african societies? Who may establish the justice?

After reading  John Rawls’s „Theory Of Justice“ in which he wrote: „Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought. A theory howerver elegant and economical must be rejected or revised if it is untrue; likewise laws and Institutions no matter how efficient and well-arranged must be reformed or abolished if they are unjust.“

I’m convinced, that the change may begin by our institutions.

With the vote on April 22nd, South Africa has becoming  a new President with Mister Jacob Zuma, he promise  reforms who are supposed to establish justice in allocations.

We hope that he will satisfy the expectances of the „Townships“ populations.

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Barack Obama: An Afroamerican Dream

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It’s worth to Dream, to Fight and to Hope!

„He was the smartest boy in the Muskogee County School-for colored children. Everybody even remotely connected with the school knew this. The teacher always pronounced his name with profound gusto as she pointed him out as the ideal student. Once I heard her say: ‚if he were white he might, some day, become President.‘ „(John Henrik Clarke in: The Boy Who Painted Christ Black)

John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998) died elf years too early to see his dreams becoming a reality.

-With Barack Obama, his Black Boy is becoming President „despite“ his Color.


The Senate of the United State Of America apologize for slavery and racial discrimination during the Jim Crow Era.

It will still be a long way until Black people make for theirselve a great place in this World, but a new Era is beginning they just must not fail this new opprtunity.

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Accession d’Ali Bongo Odimba à la Magistrature Suprême?

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élections Présidentielles au Gabon: Question de Formalité et de légitimation!

L’analyse du discours tenu par Ali Bongo Odimba lors des obsèques de son père et sa promesse de tout faire pour préserver l’unité nationale, fait conclure que son accession à la magistrature suprême est déjà chose faite. Avec ses postes stratégiques de ministre de la défence,  de vice-président du Parti démocratique du Gabon (PDG) et avec le soutient de la France, rien n’empêchera le fils du défunt Président gabonais d’assurer sa succession le mois prochain à la présidence de la république.


Les élections présidentielles ne réprésenteront qu’une formalité question de légitimer le pouvoir d’Ali Bongo Odimba tant sur le plan national que sur le plan international.

Le cas  de la République Démocratique du Congo aura servi d’exemple à plusieurs États africains, lorsque poussé par la pression aussi bien interne qu’externe,  Joseph Kabila qui succeda à son père Laurent-Désiré Kabila à la magistrature suprême en 2001, ne donna feu vert aux élections présidentielles qu’en 2006.

Reste à espérer que contrairement à son défunt père, Ali Bongo Odimba saura mieux investir les revenus du Pétrole qui fait la richesse principale du pays, dans la création de l‘ emploi, dans l’éducation, dans la recherche et par dessu tout dans la santé, de tel sorte que les centres médicaux gabonais soient à mesure dans l’avenir d‘ accueillir et de soigner tout sorte de patient même leur propre président.

Au lieu de financer la campagne électorale d’un candidat (Jacques Chirac ) d’un pays tel que la France.

Les africains sont  souvent charactérisés d’hospitaliers et de généreux mais la charité bien ordonné commence par soit même.

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Africa everything is possible – just look!

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The World Economic Forum on Afrika is starting today.

For this occasion, i found this video from Hans Rosling which may be interesting for those who need to undertsand the causes of poverty in this continent and want to contribute to change this situation. Then with goodwill  and conviction is all but absolutly all possible. Check it out! any single minute spending by watching this video is worth and the statistic Data is very impressive.

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President Obama Speaks to the Muslim World

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I just found the speech of President Barack Obama in Kairo at the youtube channel from the white house. It will take 54 minutes but still enjoy!!!

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